Mandriva Linux

In my quest for a desktop for Joe Average Windows User, I was strongly urged to look at Mandriva.

After doing so, I have to wonder what that guy was smoking.  My first confusion was this screen:


What is that grayish window in the middle??  Handles come out of its left and right sides and you can drag it around, but why is it there? I clicked on “Live Install” and waited.. and waited..

The install was molasses slow.  Cold molasses.  Cold molasses on a winter day slow.

Yes, I was installing into a Fusion VM so I expect a little less than instant response.  I don’t expect anything this slow, though.  This is the slowest Linux install I have ever done in Fusion.

It lost my cursor at finish – that could be the VM’s fault, of course.  But listen up all distro packagers:


You WANT to run well.  This is how a lot of people test things nowadays.

After the install things got a little better but still pretty sad.  Not quick like a bunny.  Slow like a turtle.  Does “Mandriva” mean “turtle” in some obscure language?

After login, there’s that same strange gray screen – without Live Install now but just as fuzzy and mysterious.

I noticed that Firefox was 3.0.3.  That’s good.   What is that orange bug in the upper right hand corner of the screen??

A little icon in the tray told me that updates were needed.  I clicked on it and it showed just 3 updates.  For real? OK, sweet..

Naww, after those there were 385 more.  That’s when I noticed that the system was running fast enough: the updates clicked right along.  It’s just keyboard and mouse that are slooooooow.

That silly gray window – close it, it comes back???? What IS this??

I started a Konsole terminal.  Can i ask a question? Why an 80 x 32  Konsole terminal?????  Terminals should open 80 x 24 or 80 x 25.  No more, no less.

But typing was faster in there too, so it is the desktop that has the performance issue.

And then it crashed.  Well. not outright, but I got this:


I gave up.  Mandriva is definitely not ready for Joe.


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